Welcome to my neighbourhood


The Northumberland Hills are dotted with small towns and hamlets, tucked away in nooks and crannies, or blanketed with rolling vistas stretching to the horizon. And out here, as part of my daily life, I am forever exploring this wonderful corner of the world, finding an endless array of “perfect” places. Come see for yourself. Sit on my front porch and tell me your idea of the perfect place and I'll help you find it. In fact, I may already know it. After all, it's my neighbourhood, and I know it like my own backyard.

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“If we all love small towns … why then are they ever more difficult to find? No one dreams of fast-food chains and strip malls and yet, the world is covered with them. Why is it that the simple town we dream of we can seldom find?”

From The Wisdom of Tuscany by Ferenc Mate

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